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In response to: Tony MacAlpine Guitar Lesson

Scotty Smith [Visitor]
Great guitar lesson Tony. Well done, I like your style, both as a guitarist and a teacher.
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In response to: Kevin Costner performs at the House of Blues in Chicago

steve [Visitor]
Give it up kevin. Stick to the movies. Its just a lot of noise to cover up an average act.
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In response to: Counterfeit ESP Guitars

carl [Visitor]
actually i have one of those guitars,,,, it sounds good and the price is lesser than the original esp..... it doesnt depend on the brand man it is in the guitarist that makes guitar sounds good.... keep on rockin
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In response to: Charvel Warren DeMartini Guitars

Steve [Visitor]
I thought these came out way before then. But they did advertise it at first which seems that they must have made some, so where are those I wonder? cuz this is the coolest one.
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In response to: Kevin Costner performs at the House of Blues in Chicago

Tami Lynn Carlson [Visitor] ·
I was at the Kevin Costner/Modern West show at the House of Blues in Chicago on June 27th, my birthday. It was awesome. I honestly didn't expect Kev to be THAT good. He had amazing stage presence...connecting with his audience...soaking in all the love...and sending it right back at cha!!! He transformed into a 14-yr. old with his first guitar. I'm a former Nashville songwriter and was also impressed with his original songs. He's an overall talented guy to say the least! Can't wait to see SWING VOTE...coming out Aug. 1. His own movie production co. is producing it. I am also a scriptwriter who took advantage of the moment. I gave 30-pages of my movie script DESTINY CALLING to Kevin's fiddle player who assured me that it would be passed on to Kev. Could it be desiny after all?
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In response to: Play XBOX LIVE Turok Against Disturbed

Guitar Guy [Member] ·
Date: June 30th, 2008
Time: 3-5pm PST
Game: Turok
Gamertag: Disturbed GWF

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In response to: Ibanez Joe Satriani Guitar - Autographed 20th Anniversary Surfing with the Alien CD Giveaway

Cf [Visitor]
This is >:XX >:XX !

dude it's 88|

i should >:XX myself for that bguitar

the >:XX :> would >:XX for that guitar

88| >:XX
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In response to: Marco Sfogli - Andromeda Video

Guitar Guy [Member] ·
And that is coming out of a MESA Boogie!!
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In response to: Kirk Hammett Guitar Lessons: Master of Puppets Video

shawnbflex [Member]
Stanley Jordan playing NYC 4/21/08 6pm FREE!!
at Barnes & Noble Lincoln Center! Sorry I am lame and do not know how to post things - I just wanted everyon in NYC to get a chance to see this dude play - he's amazing...
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In response to: Tony MacAlpine Guitar Lesson

sparrow7 [Visitor]
Really informative video, really worth a watch..
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In response to: Jeronimo - Maestro Paco (Solea) - Flamenco Guitar

Vinnie Gibson [Visitor] ·
Wow This guy rocks ! . Do you know if he tours here in the USA?
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In response to: John Mayer - City Love Video

You know, just sitting here jamming to this really nasty grove makes me appreciate what this man does with the guitar. It isn't speed or running his scales or anything like that. He is really creative with how he feels the music. Its really fresh to see his influences reflected in such a unique way. It seems that he is not appreciated enough for his guitar skills, and I can't say that I've ever given him the credit he deserves either. His radio stuff isn't bad and it's all pretty catchy, but hearing what he does live and in the moment is on a whole other level. It's the same reason I got into DMB. It's no wonder that he has always had such a devoted following. I guess I am going to have to really look up some of his stuff and dig into it. Learning some of his licks and getting an idea of whats going through his head is sure to help with developing my own understanding of guitar. I mean, you can never really teach people how to write creatively, but you can always find more and more variety and influences to expand your abilities. Alright keep playing hard and if anyone has suggestions on some creative people to check out, then leave me a comment or something. Peace
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In response to: Ibanez Steve Vai 20th Anniversary Jem

matt [Visitor] ·
steve vai is the best
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In response to: Matthew Mills - Neoclassical Rock Guitar Player

Tony Manocchio [Visitor]
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In response to: Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue Video

Jojo Ballo [Visitor] ·
Yngwie Malmsteen blends blues sensitivity with classical virtuosity in this one. I always like his solos best when he uses bluesy scales vs his more standard neo-classical fare. He tends to be more in control of his speed :p great!
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In response to: Steve Vai 2007 Tour Dates Released

Caesar [Visitor] ·
Thanks for the great info for the upcoming Vai concerts. I was looking for his tour dates.
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